Welcome Pack

Please find attached the Welcome Letter and the information given to your child on his/her first day at Pre-School. Other information given to our child, like Policies and Procedures can be also found elsewhere on this site (please follow the link on the right hand side menu).

We are currently finishing our new Calendar for 2018-2019.  

Download this file (Chair Letter 2018-2019.pdf)Chair Letter[2018-2019]74 Kb
Download this file (Parent-Provider Agreement (2018-2019).pdf)Parent Provider Agreement[2018-2019]62 Kb
Download this file (SP Child Profile.pdf)Child Profile[Child Profile Form]182 Kb
Download this file (SP Early Registration Form.pdf)Initial Registration[Form]112 Kb
Download this file (SP Full Registration Form 2018-2019.pdf)Full Registration Form[2018-2019]59 Kb
Download this file (Welcome pack 2018-2019.pdf)Welcome Pack[2018-2019]217 Kb