Meetings / Events

  • Sponsored Tractor Ride: every year the children ride tractors, cars and walk push chairs around the Preschool Playground to raise funds for Preschool. We will be sending the sponsorship forms by email and staff will let you know how many laps your child has done. Your child will get a certificate!!! 
  • Photographer - Wednesday 5th June: We will be having a professional photographer coming to Preschool. It is open to all families including siblings. We would also like to take a group photograph of the children that are leaving this year. Please book a place with a member of staff
  • Parent/Committee meeting - 5th June, 7:30pm Auden House, Church Broughton: Please come along to our regular Parent/Committee meeting to discuss any Preschool matters and get involved in organising fundraising events. All parents/carers/family members of Preschool welcome. 
  • Parent Consultations - week 24th-27th June: Book a place with your child’s key worker to discuss your child’s progress. Slots are available for just after drop off time or just before pick up time. If these times are not convenient please talk to a member of staff and they will accommodate your needs.